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tax preparation

Welcome to Kelly Capital Finance

Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation, and Planning.  

We work with self-employed individuals, as well as small and large business owners all across the U.S. All from the convenience of your own home or place of business.

Expert tax strategy services

Not only do we help large business owners with all of their bookkeeping needs, but we also help active day traders, self employed, and freelancers. Get your free guide of the top small business and self-employed tax deductions you don't want to miss out on for tax year 2024.

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Invest in the expertise of a dedicated bookkeeper to unlock time, cultivate meticulous organization, and ensure seamless compliance across your business operations. 

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Tax Prep & Filing

Our tax preparation and filing services are tailored to meet the needs of individuals, day traders, and businesses.  We stay ahead of the curve to find the most accurate credits and deductions for your unique tax situation, all the while ensuring that you receive the most comprehensive and accurate service. 

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Tax planning

We help individuals and business owners to minimize their tax liabilities and increase their financial savings. We offer a range of tax planning strategies that can help you reduce your tax bill and optimize your financial situation. As an expert I will work with you to develop a personalized plan that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve your financial goals.

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Get expert guidance, accurate records, and valuable insights to simplify your life and empower your business growth. Breathe easy knowing your finances are in good hands, leaving you free to focus on what matters most.


About Us

Unveil Financial Clarity: Your Personalized Bookkeeping Haven with Kelly

Imagine stepping into a world where your finances flow effortlessly, revealing an organized and clear path to success. I'm Kelly, your bookkeeping expert, here to transform financial burdens into insightful and even educational opportunities for your company. I have a passion for precision and offer a more personalized approach, since some bookkeeping requires more than just a one size fits all way.

More than just numbers:

  • Certified Expertise: Backed by rigorous training and experience, I ensure your finances are meticulously managed with the utmost professionalism.

  • Decade of Success: With 10 years navigating diverse financial landscapes, from thriving businesses to intricate personal accounts, I bring a wealth of knowledge to your unique situation.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: As a fellow business owner, I understand the challenges and aspirations you face, offering financial guidance tailored to your goals. If you are a new business owner I can even help educate you in our journey together.

  • Seamless Collaboration: Location agnostic, I serve clients across the U.S., providing convenient and secure virtual support.

Your benefits bloom:

  • Unburdened Serenity: Reclaim precious time and eliminate financial anxieties, knowing your books are meticulously maintained.

  • Empowered Decisions: Gain clear, actionable insights from your data, fueling informed choices for a brighter future.

  • Personalized Partnership: I invest in understanding your unique needs and aspirations, becoming your trusted financial confidante.

  • Effortless Efficiency: Leverage the power of technology with my expertise in QuickBooks Online, ensuring seamless integration and accurate results.

Ready to cultivate financial clarity and accelerate towards your goals? Contact me today and let's create a personalized roadmap to financial organization and success.

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Bookkeeping, Tax Planning Strategies & Expertise

Personal Tax Reporting
Business Entity Structure
Trader Tax Status

Financial Future Strategies
Retirement Plan
Tax Strategies
Asset Protection

Zoom Consultation

Book your 30 minute telephone/Zoom consultation below. Select the day and time that works best for you. We will spend a few minutes getting to know each other and to see if I am the right fit for your business bookkeeping needs.

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