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Pricing and Services

I believe that bookkeeping and tax planning are crucial components of financial management, and I understand that each individual or business has unique requirements. Therefore, my pricing is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client. I have included a rough pricing estimate below for your reference. For a more specific price quote, please feel free to contact me via quick chat or message (below).  I take pride in providing exceptional service and look forward to hearing from you!


Clean Up Books

This is for those who are trying to do a yearly cleanup of their books. The price will vary dramatically depending on the amount of time and transactions it will take to clean everything up.

Basic: $500- $2,000

Moderate: $1,500 - $3,000

Complex: $3000+

Bookkeeping Setup

This is great for those business owners who want to maintain their books on their own and only want a professional to set up their bookkeeping software. This would include things like the chart of accounts, vendors, and customers.

$300- $1,000

Get your personalized bookkeeping quote below

Get a Specific Price Quote

Please tell me what type of bookkeeping service from above you are interested in receiving a quote for. Please be as descriptive as you can and also include approximately how many transactions combined your business does per month on average, (this would include all banking, credit card, any bills, accounts receivable/payable, etc).

Kelly will be in touch shortly!

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